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Fromelles pillbox.jpg

One of the many German Pillboxes, or concrete bunkers, in the Fromelles, Aubers Ridge area. These defensive positions made frontal assaults extremely difficult and illustrated the bravery of the soldiers who undertook the task.

V.C. Corner Fromelles.jpg

V C Corner Australian Military Cemetery and Memorial, Fromelles.

Situated in between the German and Australian front-line trenches, it is the only, all Australian, military cemetery on the Western Front.

New research

Below: With the assistance of David Moore and permission of land owner, I was able to stand on the approximate site where my great-great uncle, Leslie Joseph Murphy (2943) 54th Battalion AIF, body was found after the battle of Polygon Wood. A very moving moment.

Polygon Wood 3.jpg
Goulburn culverts.jpg
Coulburn Culverts b.jpg

These culverts near the city of Goulburn in southern New South Wales were built by convict labour in the late 1830's, early 1840's.

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